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The one of a kind P.Tsimis three course bouzouki.

And the intense research for an original bridge !
As I had mentioned on an earlier post, on April 16, 2015 , after a long and intense research, I wrote an article regarding a very unique, shorter scale  bouzouki,  which appeared  in an early advertisement of the master luthier  Theodoros Karabas and his NY " NEOLAIA " workshop.
Back then, my research led me to the famous luthier of Peloponnesos- Greece , Takis Tsimis, (Panagiotis Tsimis and Co established in N.Y on 1908)
Four and a half  years after my initial research, a beautiful three course bouzouki - in excellent condition, constructed by P. Tsimis on March 31st 1924 with serial number 7565, came into my hands.
Up to now this Panagiotis Tsimis bouzouki is the only three course bouzouki known that has survived. The instrument was found in an excellent vintage condition with the need of only minor cosmetic restoration, and touch ups.
Unfortunately though,  the original bridge and the original nut had been replaced, by a se…

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