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Part-II : Evaluating Giannis Kadoglou three course bouzouki

 The sound of a bygone era! As I promised at my previous post, here is an in depth evaluation regarding the sound quality and timbre of Giannis Kadoglou three course bouzouki: At first,  lets hear together the last sound clip which the luthier sent me from his workshop, weeks after the completion of his bouzouki.  There is a reason why I will start with this sound clip. My final review and conclusion on sound, will return back to this clip... but with a surprisingly twist . So, please be sure to read and watch  my review until the end !  Lets now analyze the sound quality and timbre, away from the "attractive to our ears", professional and impressive rebetiko playing technique of Giannis !   Lately, when I want to evaluate the sound of one of my instruments , I am recording a sound sample with absolutely the bare minimum. The recording is usually generated from the video app of my phone, without special microphones or set up, with a normal picking-strike of the strings (not

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