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The apple of discord !- Το μήλο της έριδος

Custom , one of a kind , fully handcrafted bouzoukia ! A new chapter in bouzouki making  has been initialized with the recent collaboration between the talented luthier Stelios Tsilimigkas and the designs by 1821 Studio Inc. Scope of the collaboration is the construction of one of a kind ,custom, fully handcrafted, high quality  bouzouki instruments !  Each bouzouki will be designed by 1821 Studio Inc  , carrying  the expertise and knowledge , obtained through years in research and development  of  string musical instruments- following the golden ratio algorithm, -and unique aesthetics! Top quality, old woods and materials will then be used  by the talented hands of the luthier Stelios Tsilimigkas creating small masterpieces of sound and quality! Following old master techniques of string musical instrument construction , using for example only animal glue, manual tools, and French polishing ( Shellac) , we aim to carry-on the beautiful art of Greek traditional lutherie We are approa

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