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Zozef & Zozef

A late 1950s and an mid 1970s bouzoukia!
A beautiful- late 1950s -four course bouzouki, with slight step on the sound board, custom, and beautiful fret markers, custom bridge, minimal decoration, and natural Greek walnut bowl, reveals the "tight" and strong construction of the early bouzoukia made by the master luthier.

And a heavily decorated-mid 1970s- four course bouzouki, with the famous leaf theme on the fret-board, the Greek-key design around the sound-hole, and a wider bowl (made by black dyed walnut), reveals the evolution in construction of the later years  bouzoukia, by the famous luthier

Both instruments have intact and solid soundboards.  They will soon take the journey to restoration bringing back to "perfect" condition these gems
Stay tuned !  

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