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GuiZouk : Just before its first sound recording

A blend from the past!

The talented luthier  Konstantin Tsopelas (, sent me the final photos  after the completion of the unique Erivan instrument!

Almost one and half year in making, (with almost 1/2 year in research - finding an exceptionally old Sitka Spruce carrying bear-claw, and a very old dark-color, claro, West walnut) the unique Erivan is finally completed!

The initial concept-design conceived back in 2011.
From that time on, most of its overall shape remained the same, but its dimensions, decorative elements, and materials, changed multiple times during the next 8 years.

I guess sub-constantly,  this unique Erivan carries a blend of personal decorative-motives which were used in creation of previous bouzouki instruments.

Investigating a little closer the conundrum of its decorative elements, someone can recognize on this instrument , the Lyra decoration inspired by the first 4-course bouzouki,(made by Giannis Tsoulogiannis), the radial inner part…

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