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Registering the 1911 Anastasios Stathopoulos dimensions

Just before ordering a custom 1910s style, case ! Few months ago, the need for the creation of a custom case for the Anastasios Stathopoulos 1911 bouzouki, prompted me to register the exact dimensions of this historical musical instrument.. And since until now, these dimensions were not publicly available I thought to share them with all the loyal followers of this blog.  The dimensions taken, include  the 0.5 cm length of the tailpiece , bringing the total length of the instrument to 92 cm The widest part of the soundboard measures 23 cm, and the maximum length 35.5 cm (including tailpiece) The width of the soundboard at the sound-hole height, is 18.5 cm  Maximum depth of the bowl is 15 cm The total length of the neck from the bowl connection to the nut, is 40.5 cm The total length of the headstock is 16 cm, and the maximum width ( including the knobs) 9.5 cm. Maximum width without the knobs 6cm. Thickness of the neck (close to the bowl connection ) is 3 cm The height ( angle /slope

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