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"The silicone valley" bouzouki

Experimenting with the Golden Ratio logarithm!

After a long  absence for a month, Memories of the Innocent Agewill soon return back to actively posting in this bog.

In the meantime the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis, slowly but steadily and with attention to details, continues to build the three course bouzouki instrument, inspired by the 1950's Zozef Terzivassian's beautiful bouzoukia
This musical instrument will carry one of a kind personal design of  sound hole, pick-guard and soundboard decoration, which follows the laws of the Golden Ratio logarithm.

A lot of speculation has been generated by bouzouki enthusiasts, after my first public post regarding Zozef Terzivassian's  bouzouki construction and design, and my hypothesis that the early Zozef bouzouki decorations followed the golden ratio rule.

No one can say with certainty that my hypothesis has some solid base.
But from my own personal experience - (decoding and using the  Golden Ratio logarithm for the last 3 month…

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