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The master luthier of Spartan Instruments Shop and the Karabas bouzoukia !

A low-profile instrument maker, with exceptional talent !
For more than 10 years,  I have followed closely  a master Greek luthier based in Lowell, MA USA.
His name is Chris G. Pantazelos maker of  stringed instruments. He works at the Spartan Instruments shop. (
From time to time I have visited his website, reviewed his unique creations, followed his experimentation and intense research on  musical instruments of ancient Greece, and allured by some of his unique and beautiful decorative designs and materials used on instruments of the bouzouki family.
Chris is a massive resource of information and knowledge regarding string instrument construction . I  have enjoyed our one-time in-depth telephone conversation regarding pre-war bouzouki instrument construction, some years ago. 
As a character, Chris is a  low-profile person, who does not use "conceit and fanfaronades" to promote his work. With great passion and talent,  he is working in "obscurity…

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