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Artistic Lutherie (καλλιτεχνικη Οργανοποιια)

Speed training course !

Lately, I see more and more amateur Greek traditional-luthiers with passion and zeal to construct beautiful musical instruments.
Nevertheless very often I noticed some aesthetic omissions, recurring in my opinion due to the duplication of the same overall aesthetics and design by instruments constructed from older -famous luthiers.
So I thought, to create a very small aesthetic course for the new but also for the older/master luthier, showing a completely different approach to the bouzouki construction and decoration
Images taking out from " The Art Book" illustrations  (  -Personal Patterns (C) S.DIMIS 2017


Most of us see the neck as a structural element of construction, and less as a medium of identifying the musical instruments we create.

The way of positioning the fret markers over the neck can lead us to a personal identification of our musical instruments' construction.

The lu…

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