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The beautiful wooden marquetry

And the flower shape opening of the head-stock! 
The talented luthier  Stelios Tsilimigkas, ( me today photos fromthe pre-war trichordo's progress.
At first he placed the sound-hole's rosette decoration and  the pick-guard (made by an old burl walnut piece) on the soundboard. He also finalized the creation and placement of the beautiful wooden binding marquetry, using ebony, apple, and maple woods.
The final shape of the bowl's capping, side strips, and the head-stock are also formed. As I mentioned on an earlier post, one of the many reasons I am  attracted toStelios creations is his signature tall shape of capping stripe and the short length of the  side strips.
Finally, the luthier used the negative mirror shape of the wooden rossette's flower shape for the creation of the head-stock's  hanging hole. Stay tuned as this unique and beautiful pre-war bouzouki starts to be materialized !

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