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Poll:The Golden Mean logarithm under test

And a poll of audience aesthetics! 
The past week, friends and followers of the blog asked me to post examples between two personal decoration designs.. One designed having in mind the Golden Mean logarithm, and another one without calculating the Golden Mean logarithm.
The following A and B designs are personal artwork{ S.Dimis (C) 2017 All rights reserved}  inspired by the 1950s Zozef Terzivassian decoration style. They have been displayed without a specific order.

Even tho both pick-guard shapes and decorations are very similar, (almost identical), one only follows the golden ratio.

Without an intense thought ,  please cast your vote on the poll bellow, registering  your personal preference on  which design is most attractive.Good luck !

Which design is more attractive? On the following post I will reveal the differences between the two designs and I will name the design created with the Golden Mean in mind.

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