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The mystery old bouzouki -Part III

Stathopoulos in Wild Wild West   ? It is the beautiful desire for old Western movies, which my friend and master luthier Chris Pantazelos has, that brings us always in front of  amazing historical surprises ! Bouzouki in its original state (?). Digital manipulation on original listing photo. Original photo provided by musician  Babis Papadimitriou Two years ago, Chris had discovered a Stathopoulos bouzouki in a black and white Western movie.  But this time,  Chris' discovery was much more important and substantial than the previous one. It finally casts some light on a bouzouki-riddle, speculating many hypothesis by researchers and luthiers,  regarding a mystery " Stathopoulos(?)" bouzouki with a flat top. For the ones who haven't read the main article regarding the mystery bouzouki, I recommend to first read my post from May 14th 2020 , before proceeding further     During

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