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The 30s-40s era

3 course pre-war style

Christmas memories

Theory in practice.

With the cold wave

Family dinner

Thoughts for Hybrid

Physics in bouzouki's life

Sounds of genuine Rebetiko

Echoes of a by-gone era.

The arch of the top

With the great sound...

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The beautiful sound is back!

Evaluating my bouzouki

Evaluating my bouzouki

Hope for a good omen

At the sounds of Zeibekiko

Last commemorative photos

Instrument under extinction?

Music has no boudaries

My first bouzouki

At Irene's house ( A casa d 'Irene)


It is a long-long trip

Big decision day!

Crossed lines

Ordering a custom made bouzouki

All in the blender

Tzoura's crash test

Back in college years

As the research continues

Journey to an unknown land