The 7th Festival of Amateur Lutherie

Honoring the talented amateur luthiers !

At the beginning of next month ( 2nd and 3rd of June 2018) the organizes the 7th Festival of Amateur Lutherie to be held at The Box Athens (Δορυλαίου 12, Πλ. Μαβίλη, Αθήνα, +30 210 646378, The entrance is free for the public.

Xristos Spourdalakis, the Master luthier (with a multi-annual experience in traditional lutherie) , will be the main speaker of the event

The "Memories of the Innocent Age " faithfully standing  next to the effort of the amateur luthiers, , will support the organization of the festival, by the donation of three commemorative gifts for three lucky winners!

For the first winner "Memories" will donate a "Mastering of Lutherie Art"   T-shirt available only on B-PLAYER's Amazon USA Prime Store

T-shirt:click here

The three lucky winners will also receive a full electronic version of the " Memories" "The Art Book-Standard Edition" an electronic album, featuring  a  massive collection of over 450 original concept designs relative to string musical instruments of  Rebetiko.

For those who will be in Greece at the beginning of June, I am unreservedly recommending them to visit the Amateur Lutherie Exhibition!


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