Back in time.

A short review from the past!

I thought to write an overall quick review of all the bouzouki instruments I use to own.
Here is my feedback:

My first bouzouki (which I believe was Ecorda):
My first great love.Given as a gift from my father in 1983. Hard to play, due to high action and with a metallic loud sound. On its frets melodies of Metallica, Eric Clapton and Rolling Stones have been played, by friends I was making in summer vacations. The instrument remains alive at my first cousin's possession in Greece, as I found out last month.

Matsikas bouzouki:
Original cost price 170,000.00 drachmas. Bought somewhere in 1984-85. A good bouzouki, but with a heavy and wide neck. Passed through difficult climate circumstances, when played in Greek restaurant of S.Florida without AC, where humidity was reaching the 75%. After 6-7 years the action started to become high and was difficult to play fast the high notes. Sold on EBay somewhere on 2000.

Monastiraki tzouras:
Original cost price, if I remember correctly, 1,500.00 drachmas in 1986. Very soft action and a loud metallic sound. Sold on EBay somewhere on 2008

Karelas baglamas:
Original cost 450.00 euros on 2002. Beautiful instrument with an exceptional loud, clear and sweet sound. Passed as a gift to a family member.

Tsakirian bouzouki:
Original cost price 2,000.00 dollars (if I remember correctly) on 2002. Beautiful bouzouki with a great sound full of grezia. Sold on EBay to a professional Greek/Armenian- descent bouzouki player, for the amount of 1,300.00 dollars on 2005.

Tsolis bouzouki:
Original cost price 1,700.00 euros, which was a friendly price since, I 've been recommended by a common friend. Bought on 2005. Excellent craftsman's work and finish. Still at my possession in Greece.Sound middle sweet.

Matsikas baglamas :
Skaftos baglamas with a loud sound. Original price 350.00 Euros on 2006.Sold on EBay for $ 250.00 on 2010.


  1. Συγχαρητήρια για το ιστολόγιο σας, ταξιδεύουμε μαζί σας απο Ελλάδα!!!

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