The power of blog

Connects two traditional Arts !

like these, is one of the reasons I continue writing on this blog.

"The opportunity to meet people who are sharing the same interests as you do, and connect with them, creating the base for a sincere friendship!"

Couple of days ago I got an email from a pure bouzouki enthusiast , who lives in the beautiful Island of Corfu. In his email he was asking me for more information regarding the standard edition of the " Art Book".

His passion and love for the old rebetiko era and the bouzouki construction, could easily be recognized by the enthusiasm and the purity in his writings.

His love for the traditional lutherie , reminded me so much of myself, that I could not resist, to offer him the "Art book" free of charge.

But my fellow
bouzouki enthusiast, kindly refused my gesture, recognizing as he said, the many hours I had spent creating, all the original art-work in the "Art Book". A response which confirmed my judgment, regarding the nature of his character and his ethos.

Now, let me take you back a year ago, when I stopped at the blog pages of another pure enthusiast, of a different kind of traditional art.
Long before the days of television, radio or even cinema a different form of entertainment existed in Greece, derived from folkloric traditions. Known as the shadow theatre, or "Karagiozis".
I still remember the Sunday nights, when I secretly spent them without the approval of my parents, in the next neighborhood, trying to "steal" a glance, from the theatrical production of a local Karagiozi puppeteer.

For months now I had the desire to order some custom made "Karagiozis" puppets for my private collection, created by the hands of a professional Greek puppeteer, Giorgos Ipirotis.
It was the same purity and transparency I saw in his character , the passion and love for the genuine folk Art of Shadows.

I asked the bouzouki enthusiast from Corfu, to transfer his payment to the Karagiozi puppeteer, for the creation of two very unique shadow puppets, inspired by the famous Karagiozopaixtes (puppeteers) Abraam Antonako kai Thanasi Spyropoulo.

It is remarkable, how the love for the traditional arts, reacting as communicating vessels , passed by me, to my friend from Corfu, to the shadow theater artist, and back to me again, covering miles of distance in seconds, in an attempt to revive traditions and customs which are disappearing nowadays.


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