Just before the end of 2012

Fine quality of woods!

Investigation. Created by SDimis (c) 2012

Just few days before the Holidays, everything is ready for the beginning of the new and exciting for me, journey!

The attempt to revive an Ioannis/Anastasios Stathopoulos bouzouki, finds Gianni Tsoulogianni in a broad research of high quality old woods.

The luthier is well known for the very old woods he is using in all of his traditional instrument.

But this last creation will demand similar quality of woods as the ones the two cousins, Ioannis & Anastasios Stathopoulos, would have picked and selected, more than 100 years ago!

Not only the type of woods and their combination will have to match the woods that Stathopoulos family was using back in 1900s for the construction of their bouzoukia.
The luthier must find similar origin, wood grain, quality and if possible similar age for these woods.

From my side, the design for the I/A Stathopoulos bouzouki, has been completed.

The instrument will carry all the characteristics and measurements found in the early 1910s Anastasios Stathopoulos bouzoukia (as: scale, size of bowl, step on the soundboard, unique fret-mark position, helidoni connection etc), while the decoration and finish, especially on the staves and bowl, will be inspired by Ioannis Stathopoulos bouzoukia and laouta.

During the following weeks, I will post images of the fine materials, which the lutheir will use for the creation of this unique, pre-war style bouzouki.


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