Hollowed out bouzouki

A new design!

The idea of designing a hollowed out ( skafto)small, tabouro-bouzouki bowl , was tormenting my mind for the last couple of weeks.

Further more , the idea of creating an instrument where the fret board is flushed to the soundboard's profile, and where frets, created by cooper, have been placed on the upper part of the soundboard (taboura elements). Scale at 63 cm.

I have to admit that my perspective in bouzouki design has changed dramatically from the first time I started designing bouzouki forms, approximately three years ago, through this blog.

I am still attracted to the 1950s Zozef  style, sound, and design ( I keep in my drawers some beautiful personal designs inspired by Zozef instruments), but the raw, simple, beauty of the 1900s bouzouki instruments, has captivated my heart.

The sweet, raspy timbre, of my Politiko tabouro-bouzouko, was the result of my imagination trying to create bouzouki instruments with a smaller scale, and a narrower, deeper bowl.

And my latest attempt to revive an A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki from 1900s, confirms my desire to finally possess instruments with the characteristic trichordo sound-color  of the pre-war era.

Following , four of the eight in total decoration designs created for the Hollowed tabouro-bouzouko.


Hollowed tabouro-bouzouka.Created by SDimis (c) 2013


  1. Το ένα πιο όμορφο από το άλλο !!!!!!

  2. Kai pou na deis Vaggel moui 2 telika pou skeftomai ena apo ta opoia na kataskeuasw, Kai ta krataw Gia ekpliksi

    Uposxomai omws pws syntoma tha ta anevasw pros sxoliasmo Kai empneusi Mias Kai exei arketa idiomorfa stoixeia


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