Spread your wings

And butter-fly !

The luthier ,Giannis Tsoulagiannis , finished the creation of the elaborated butterfly design, by cutting with fine precision all the small natural sea shell pieces .

He decided to use a very old Brazilian Rosewood plywood, for the creation of the pickguard.
The luthier cut and formed it in a butterfly- wing shape, following and echoing the decoration theme .

Finally, he started making the decoration around the sound-hole consisted by wooden fillets and natural sea shell.


  1. Τι πανεμορφο οργανο θα φτιαχτει!!!
    Εμπνευστης και μαστορας.....θεοι!

  2. Χαθηκες Δημήτρη
    Ευχαριστω , για τα καλα λόγια
    Ο Γιάννης έχει βάλει τα δυνατά του σε εαυτό το μπουζούκι


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