Politiko strings

A more sweet, crisp, and nostalgic sound!

Finally I found the opportunity to change Politko bouzouki's strings and use a thickness set up which  the luthier Tasos Theodorakis had recommended me  almost a year ago.

The Politko bouzouki when I receive it, and for the times I changed its strings, was wearing the following "set up"

D: 0,11-0,11
A: 0,14-0,14
D: 0,24-0,11

Accordingly to Tasos recommendations, the Politiko now wears

D: 0,10-0,10
A: 0,14-0,14
D: 0,23-0,10 

Its sounds  more crisp and with a more sweet, nostalgic timbre, very suitable for the repertoire of the old Rebetiko era

I crabbed my phone and I recorded a very small sample with this new set up, sharing it with all of you.


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