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An early  Customization System for Musical Instruments!

As Giannis Tsoulogiannis is preparing the A/I Stathopoulos for its log trip, and just before he send me a  final recording of its sound, played by a professional bouzouki player, I found the opportunity to update with 20 more designs "The Art Book" collection.

The more feedback I get from followers who have purchased the illustrations, the more I understand their needs and desires.

In the beginning of this designing process, I was creating complete bouzouki instruments with combinations of   decorative and structural elements which in my opinion were the most suitable for each instrument's character.

Lately, apart from creating complete bouzouki instrument designs and unique compositions , I am also producing a library of decorative  and structural props (sound holes, pick guard inlays, pick-guard shapes, binding, head stock shapes, bowl shapes etc.).
The user is able to mix and match all these elements , accordingly to his aesthetics and preferences, creating somehow his own unique custom instrument. It is very early to talk about a  Customization System for Musical Instruments, but  already I  have created a fun 'puzzle game' of mixed and match components, where the user with the help of a Photo-editing software/freeware, he/she can get a feeling of  creating and designing his own bouzouki.

Following, a very small and very fast sample of images I created, so you can download them and try it yourselves. Enjoy!
You can send me your unique creations at, . I will upload them on a future post.

Plastic binding
Abalone binding

Wooden binding
Flower Decorative 1
Lyra 1

Flower Decorative 2

Lyra 2

Pick guard 1

Pick guard 2

Pick guard 3

Sound hole 1

Sound hole 2

Sound hole 3
Tail_piece 1


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