A/I.Sathopoulos VS A.Stathopoulos

Timbre crash test!

After a month of absence from the blog, I decided to share a particular video recording of  my A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki.
It is an attempt to compare my bouzouki's timbre with the timbre of an old, original, well kept, and recently restored A.Stathopoulos bouzouki (restored by the hands of the master luthier, Tasos Theodorakis.)

For the last two months the only question remained in my mind (after receiving my musical instrument, and verifying the high quality of its sound) was:
-How close(similar)  to an original A. Stathopoulos bouzouki is the  timbre of my bouzouki?

Until now, I could not find a good representative sample of audio recording, produced by an authentic A.Stathopoulos bouzouki, close to the dimensions of my A/I Stathopoulos, and be able to do the comparison.
Finally this obstacle overcame on January 29th when the luthier  Tasos Thedorakis posted on YouTube a video recorded from his original, recently restored, instrument

Of course the two instruments differ not only in technical features and characteristics, but also in a major factor of timbre's quality which is the 100+ years  separating the age of their woods.

Also the two video recordings made in different environments and with different audio/recording devices (mine is just a recording from my I-Phone microphone)

But I strongly believe someone can extract a good opinion regarding my bouzouki's timbre.

Authentic 1915 A. Stathopoulos bouzouki

2014 A/I. Stathopoulos bouzouki


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