My heart still beats at the rhythms of Rebetiko

Warming up!

After a long  absence for more than 10 months, Memories of the Innocent Age will soon return back to actively posting in this bog.

Even tho, my free time has become extremely limited,  I am still keeping alive the spirit of old Rebetiko era.
In my armory remains the A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki made by Giannis Tsoulogiannis.
A year later, the instrument has developed a very mature deep sound,  while its action remains at the initial low measurements. It still carries the 2-2-4 string set up.

The last few months I took photographs of its beauty , as the wood shades have been transformed to a deeper, richer color.

Friends of the blog feel free to contact me with any important articles  and instrument constructions, I have missed during my absence,  and you would like to host in a future post in this blog.


  1. Thank you Chis
    Yes , the quality of woods abs the craftsmanship on this instrument are really at the highest standards

    Stay tuned
    Lot of interesting posts on the way :)


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