The Flower of Sunrise

A Baroque Laouto-bouzouko!

As I am waiting to post a very interesting article by a famous master Luther, and inspired by the Baroque era of 17th century , I left my imagination free to design a heavily decorated, long scale ( 72 cm )  Laouto-bouzouko. 

Its name inspired by the rosette flower theme "The Flower of Sunrise"

The materials been used are :

Bone , white natural sea shell , abalone, maple wood and rosewood. The sound hole rosette has been designed in two different altitudinal levels following the technique in Baroque guitar rosettes. 

Rosewood and maple for the peripheral filet

Soundboard Binding Fillets
White natural sea shell , abalone, maple wood and rosewood

Ebony wood

Neck decoration
Bone and maple wood 

Fret-board inlays
A personal patent where the heavy inlays placed on the unmarked fret spaces.(the spaces of the fret board lacking fret markers) (Please also see the older post

Rosewood ply and bone

Tail piece
Rosewood and bone 

Rosewood and bone 

(C) 2015. S.Dimis
(C) 2015. S.Dimis
(C) 2015. S.Dimis


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