Politiko bouzouki, Version II

The Vardar wind blew in the middle of the summer once again!

The Politko bouzouki, created back in 2012 by the hands of  the master luthier Tasos Theodorakis, was one of the most beautiful bouzouki creations shared in this blog.

Its unique shape , precision, beautiful unique aesthetics, and sweet-mellow sound meant to be an inspiration for many followers of the "Memories" , and the cause for numerous praises.

Recently, another talented luthier,  compatriot of Tasos Theodorakis ,  meant to become the successor of probably the most demanding, and the most beautiful Politiko bouzouki ever been deigned, creating the Politiko Version II. His name, Andreas Dellios ( Organopoieio.gr )

Andreas is another talented "underdog" luthier who has the great gift to deliver instruments constructed with beautiful, raw, untreated wild-woods, and with aesthetics and sound quality of the old Rebetiko era.

For many years now, I am following his unique creations and I am always fascinated by the quality of the materials and woods he is using , the great imagination, the passion, the  persistence to details, and the unique beautiful sound his musical instrument always produce.

Andreas is also a musician, so he can easily evaluate the tone, the quality, and "play-ability" of the instruments he creates.

Two of his latest three course bouzouki creations became for me an eye opener, showcasing luthier's great talent and craftsmanship .

Andreas Dellios keeps in his workshop a variety of unique very old woods. He is one of  few luthiers using among other woods, very old burl olive tree wood, dark Indian rosewood with beautiful shades, 25+ years spruce, cocolate cedar, very old ebony wood, and very unique and old walnut wood.

Specifically, two forms Andreas is using on  the bowl creation (elongated bouzouko-manes , and teardrop shape meso-bouzouka ) are by far his most attractive musical instruments.

One of his shorter scale  models is the Yovan Tsaous style , Middle-war, meso-bouzouko, with a very unique tear shape bowl and a beautiful crisp sound.

Memories of the innocent age will follow the luthier step by step,  picture by picture, heart beat by heart beat.in his journey to create a Politko bouzouki Version II, and his attempt to over pass in beauty, and sound quality the original Politiko bouzouki 

It will be a journey full of knowledge and memories as the talented Andreas Dellios will take us, in a mystical rite between man and old woods, creating at  the end one of the most beautiful bouzouki instrument ever been made by the hands of a mortal!


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