Bouzouki evolution in photos

And the 50 Shades of Mulberry!

1950's style four course bouzouki
Luthier; Giannis Tsoulogiannis
Dark yellow Mulberry and Indian Rosewood
Scale 67 cm 
Sound : clean, deep, loud  

1940's style three course bouzouki
Luthier; Giannis Tsoulogiannis
Amber Mulberry 
Scale 67 cm 
Sound : dry, clean, woody 

1880's style three course bouzouki
Luthier; Tasos Theodorakis
Yellow Mulberry with natural herbal coloring
Scale 67 cm
Sound ; flooded but the same time bright,sweet, oriental 

1920's style mutli- course bouzouki
Luthier; Giannis Tsoulogiannis
Curly maple and Indian Rosewood 
Scale 63.5 cm 
Sound; dry, loud, exuberant, bright

1900's style three course bouzouki
Luthier; Andreas Dellios
Yellow Mulberry
Scale 67 cm 
Sound ; bright,sweet, oriental 


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