Evaluating the Politiko Version II

Part 1: Construction, materials, finish !

Good omens of a bygone era, delivered the Politiko bouzouki version II  safe, and intact.

It took a total of  2 years from the day of its conceptual design,  and months of  Andreas Dellios great dedication and talent ,to reverse the time back to 1900s, and construct one of his most unique tampouro-bouzouka.

The luthier had wrapped carefully the foam case with bubble wrap and cardboard box, and he had added foam sheets inside the case between the padding and the instrument's bowl back and neck.

The instrument shipped to its destination de-tuned with the bridge and the tail piece wrapped in bubble wrap and stored inside the bouzouki case pocket.

-The construction , the materials , and the finish .

The Politiko Version II , is a very small and light miso-bouzouko.
It is more close to a tzoura instrument carrying a long neck, rather to a full size bouzouki.

It is a solid , tight , symmetrical construction with greatly low and soft action !

All the parts of this instrument, from the sound hole , to the bridge, to the tailpiece are nothing less than miniature creations of excellence and beauty.

It is truly remarkable how the luthier was able to construct with such an accuracy and fine details the 7-flowers tiny rosette, one of the most delicate  parts of his instrument.

The carved head-stock, reveals luthier 's great ability to carve and shape wood in a three-dimensional form, an old technique used by old luthiers when constructing the head-stock of 1900s laouta.

The highest quality tuning machines make the tuning of this instrument a " walk into the park " task.

The deep yellow-color Mulberry staves are perfectly cut, and aligned symmetrically on the bowl.

The neck, carrying the three course strings,  is so thin and delicate, that someone can characterized this instrument as a two course bouzouki . 

The bowl with dimensions of 33.5 X 19.5 and with a sharp curvature in the depth dimension, places this unique bouzouki instrument  to the family of " gonato" instruments.

A flower marquetry in the back of the capping strip, showcases even further the beauty of its narrow-profile, bowl .

The materials have been used for the creation of the Politiko Version II , belong to the highest quality and grade. 

From the natural old woods, to natural sea shells, and tuning hardware the luthier didn't not compromise in any element and material of this instrument.

Finally , the multi-layers French Shellac which the luthier patiently applied on the instrument's body, showcases perfectly the beauty and the color of the old woods.

Andreas Dellios has done a remarkable work on each and every detail of this unique  instrument, positioning it at the same highest and accurate level of finish , which the Politiko bouzouki version I had, made by the famous luthier, Tasos Theodorakis.

Comparing the construction of the  two Politiko versions,  I would say that,  both  versions felt as very solid , light constructions, aligned and tuned perfectly by their luthiers with an accuracy of a well made and calibrated Swiss watch.

I must note though that, even if the Politiko version I is one of the most beautiful and unique tampouro-bouzouka ever being made, this last version II carrying the gonato-shape tear bowl, the tiny, detailed & delicate rosette, and the natural deep-yellow-color staves, places this instrument just a breath higher in the overall construction evaluation,  against its ancestor. 


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