The talented " underdog" luthier!

The talented luthier and very good friend Giannis Tsoulogiannis recently opened his Profesional lutherie workshop.

As I had written on an earlier post, Giannis constructs mainly beautiful trixorda instruments with a great, full, mature, sound quality.
He is using only quality materials and old woods. 
Suitable for bouzouki players who are looking for the early Zozef 1940s-1950s style era, or a historical reproduction of 1910s-1920s bouzouki instrument.

He is also constructing tetrachorda bouzoukia carrying a very vibrant and beautiful sound , guitars, tzourades, baglamades, tampourades, laouta and other traditional musical instruments.

Finally he is specializing on restoration work for historical  traditional instruments.

His new website is 

Memories of the innocent age , wishes to luthier professional success in his new endeavor! 


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