Mission Possible II

Stress testing safety with an egg!

On December 23rd 2012 I wrote a final article regarding the best way (in my opinion ) to pack and ship a valuable bouzouki instrument overseas.

Some bouzouki owners had previously tested different cases under extreme conditions, from low temperatures in flight to high temperatures on the ground, in combination with high levels of humidity and had written their reviews.

Researching and reading these posts I had come to the conclusion that, the most safe way to ship a bouzouki, was indeed inside a ROCKBAG RC 20144  style case  ( foam bouzouki case) . 

But  in my final step by step document of how to secure, pack, and ship safely a bouzouki instrument,
 ( http://memoriesoftheinnocentage.blogspot.com/2012/12/secure-pack-and-ship-on-july-4th-of.html ) I didn't had calculate a very important parameter 
The rough handling which may occur during transportation and shipment by the postal services personnel

So I decided to perform multiple stress tests on a foam style bouzouki case,  using the same packing technique  I described on December 2012 article ,but with an egg as my valuable " treasure"!

I kept the egg inside a zip-lock bag to avoid the potential mess which could occur during a test failure.

I placed the egg inside the bouzouki case and I surrounded with loosen bubble wrap as my step by step document describes . 

After closing the case, I performed and recorded three kind of tests imitating possible handling scenarios by postal services personal during transit.

Hitting the case against a wall or surfaces 

Dropping the case unintentionally as one person is trying to pass it to another.

Dropping the case from 7 feet height

After repeating  multiple times the above tests, my egg remained intact and safe!

By performing the above stress tests, we can conclude that the foam style cases carry a very good vibration absorption index. ( cushioning ) 
These results are giving me one more reason , foam style case, to be the preferable type instrument case chosen for shipment.


By great curiosity from last nights tests,  I pushed the envelope even further today
Placed the egg inside the case without any cushion from bubble wrap, letting it react freely from the forces of the impact.

I recorded one of the three tests I attempted.
My focus this time was the weakest area of the case ( the top of the case where the soundboard of the instrument resides), and the most important part in my opinion of this test.

In all of my tests the egg remained intact 


  1. I actually own the exact case shown in your "egg test" videos. Since receiving my bouzouki in this case from Greece, and to be totally truthful, I've always babied it on the assumption that it offered less than perfect protection for the instrument due to its somewhat compact nature. But you've made a believer out of me, and I'll never doubt again after this!

    Absolutely eggsellent!

    1. Thank you Anonymous for your feedback !

      I totally agree with you
      I even pushed the envelope further in testing and I added a latest video, placing the egg inside the case without any bubble wrap.

      My focus this time was the weakest area of the case ( the top of the case where the soundboard of the instrument resides), and the most important part in my opinion of this test.

      Thank you for the Kind words and the eggsellent you gave to the blog :)

  2. I EGGspected that the cases integrity wasn't compromised. Well done a good test.. I fee reassured with my case.


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