Six years together!

"Memories of the innocent age" celebrate the 6th anniversary!

Many things have changed, from the time I decided to write that first post on May 9th 2010

Coming back home from work, -been daily involved with innovative projects and development using  Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality technology, I discovered that this blog was for me a sweet escape, a refreshing oasis, a time machine which could turn back time, and lead me to an old era full of purity, traditions, simplicity, and innocence.

Today, I get the opportunity to thank the followers  from Japan , China, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa , India , Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Kuwait, Israel, Palestine, Cyprus , Turkey, Armenia, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Bahamas, Canada, USA and so many other places, who visited regularly all these years my blog, and followed  with so much dedication  this personal journey.

At the top of the list with most views, far apart from all other posts with tens of thousands hits, the post from Jan 18 2014, when I spent a lot of time researching and purchasing wild Turkey quills (from which I made a quill plectrum), Buffalo Horn pick, and a special made pick with similar material properties as the natural Tortoise Shell, in an attempt to recreate the sound of 1900s.

Pages also as: the Art Book and the Greek luthiers of Trichordo recorded a steep rise with thousands of hits

Interviews with luthiers, musicians, posts with personal investigation on famous luthiers  from NY during the 1900s era, designs of musical instrument  from the Art book,  were few of the favorite ones.

The year of 2016 has demonstrated up to now to be a tough year full of obstacles, but the journey of "Memories" continues to carve its own path,independently, slowly but steadily, in an attempt to overwhelm its creator and his followers in another magical tale at the neighborhoods of the truth, the innocence, the purity, and the simplicity.   
Stay tuned!
Thank you


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