Process of two unique projects

The artistry of two talented people!

The luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis (  sent me today new photos from the unique mandolino-tzourado conversion process
The ebony fret-board has been placed and glued on top of the mandolin's extended neck.

The luthier has finalized the formation of the fret slots

The side white fillets  have been placed on fret-board and the neck close to the sound-hole has been shaped.

Placement of natural sea-shell fret-marks.

On another note the  hagiographer, Eva Miskou Varela ( ), sent me today new photos, showcasing the final layers of egg tempera painting, and her unique process on  re-creating  an 1860 Virgin Mary icon.

Natural colored pigments
Final layers of clothes
First base layers of skin tones
Final layers of skin tones


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