The Erivan (Ερεβαν), and the teacher of M.Chiotis

And a personal patent finalized!

Stefanakis Spitampelos, was a great folk musician - a virtuoso of bouzouki instrument- known as "Stefanakis".
He was born in Skyros in 1907 and died in 1975.

Between 1937 to 1939 Stefanakis hosted in his house Manolis Chiotis

This played an important role on Manolis Chiotis’ musical education. As Manolis pinpointed once
” Stefanakis is my teacher”.

Spitabelos was the inventor of ‘Erivan’, (kitharobouzouko) a 4-string instrument which was manufactured by Zozef Terzivasian. The string instrument was much more similar to the guitar than the today’s 4-string bouzouki. For some, this instrument was the reason that Manolis Chiotis decided to alter his 3-string bouzouki.

Stefanakis Spitampelos with the Erivan

Three in total Erivan music intruments constructed by Zozef Terzivasian.
One for Stefanakis Spitampelos, one for Manolis Chiotis and one for Giannis Tatasopoulos.

Giannis Tatasopoulos with the Erivan

The beginning of the 2017  will find me finalizing the design of my personal patent  Erivan
Perhaps the most demanding design and construction that I have designed so far !
Opposed from original Zozef's construction, mine has a 4-2-2 string setup, Re-La-Re tuning and a 63.5cm scale.

(C) 2017. S.Dimis. Erivan patent .All rights reserved 

 (C) 2017. S.Dimis Older design of Erivan. All rights reserved 


  1. thanks for the article Spyro and congratulations for the beautifull instrument you designed.

    I just want to add some elements in the general conversation of erivan stykes bouzoukia. The first one is a photo with the "erivan" Style 6 string bouzouki of Dimitri Gogos Bagianteras that you can see in these photos

    and Fotis "Fotakis" Haloulakos's erivan style bouzouki in the video (after 1:25)

    Greetings from Athens!

    1. Hello my friend Babi
      thank you very much for the important information!!!
      I didn't know the existence of the two erivan you mentioned. Especially the Fotis "Fotakis" Haloulakos's one

      So clearly are evidences (after also your input) that hybrid form of bouzouki experimentation has a long history



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