Dimitrios, Giorgos, and Vasilis Grachis

And their love for the violin!

Mrs Mary Grahis Metropoulos, sent me today two more vintage photos which she recently discovered inside her family albums.

One photograph from her grandfather Dimitrios Grachis,  and one from her uncle Vasilis Grachis. 
Vasilis Grachis is the young boy holding a violin  in the family photo taken inside Dimitrios Grachis workshop in 1910. 

The latest photo of  Vasilis was taken during the 1950s at his home in St Louis.Missouri.
Accordingly to Mrs Metropoulos, Vasilis and Giorgos Grachis were sharing the same love and passion for music and the violin musical instrument.

Every-time the two brothers reunited (during Vasilis visits at Giorgos home in California) they were always dedicating time playing duets with their violins.

 Dimitrios Grachis,.All rights reserved

Vasilis Grachis,.All rights reserved


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