Evaluating the Zozef style bouzouki!

Sound crash test !

The unique bouzouki, instrument  which followed the Golden Ratio algorithm and its design was inspired  by bouzouki instruments made from Master luthiers of the 1950s Golden Era,  is finally here.

As I mentioned on an earlier post the comments, messages, and emails, which I received from friends and followers,  and the positive feedback in social media regarding this bouzouki's design and overall visuals and aesthetic balance, was overwhelming.

But a musical instrument has succeeded its final and most important purpose of creation, when it produces the highest quality of sound!

The same day I received the Zozef style bouzouki, I recorded two sound clips , one  using the default Voice memo app  from my I-Phone, and one through the camera video recording also of my I-phone  
Both recordings are raw without any post production enchantment or effects !

I strongly believe that this bouzouki instrument made by the hands of Giannis Tsoulogiannis has one of the most exceptional, deep, and mature sounds in comparisons to any other instrument I have played before, if someone takes also in consideration that this bouzouki is couple of weeks old and its sound recorded after a long transatlantic journey !


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