GuiZouk- An Erivan / Kitharo-bouzouko following the Golden Ratio

Seven years in making!

On December 10, 2011, inspired by the  great folk musician and virtuoso of bouzouki instrument, Stefanaki Spitampelo, I wrote a post regarding the design of my personal unique pattern of Erivan

Spitabelos was the inventor of ‘Erivan’, (kitharo-bouzouko) a 4-string instrument which was manufactured by Zozef Terzivasian.
The string instrument was much more similar to the guitar than the today’s 4-string bouzouki.
For some, this instrument was the reason that Manolis Chiotis (the greatest bouzouki soloist and composerdecided to alter his 3-string bouzouki to a 4-string.

Perhaps the most demanding design and construction that I have designed so far !
It took me a total of seven (7) years in research and finalization of the design.

Opposed to the original Zozef's construction, this unique construction will have a 2-2-4 or 2-3-3 string setup, Re-La-Re tuning, a total body length of 40 cm,  and a 68 cm bouzouki scale.

After almost a year in research, finally an extremely old Sitka Spruce carrying bear-claw was found for the creation of  its sound-board
The sound board will carry three (3) sound-holes, unique rosette designs and unique design of binding strips and decoration.
A very unique tail-piece and head-stock will complete the look of this hybrid.

It is very important to mention that the  instrument's decoration  but also the main elements of its construction will follow the Golden Ratio Algorithm  

 The talented luthier Konstantin Tsopelas (, with many years of experience in construction of high-quality guitars and bouzouki instruments ,  accepted the challenge for the creation of this unique hybrid guitar-bouzouki

The original name Erivan , given by the luthier Zozef Terzivassian himself , was inspired by the name of the capital city  of his birthplace

This new hybrid construction will carry the name "GuiZouk" 

The very old Sitka Spruce carrying bear-claw


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