GuiZouk initialization

Attention to detail in Master Design! 

Creation of  the Master Design by Konstantin Tsopelas. All Rights Reserved (C)2018

The talented luthier Konstantin Tsopelas (, has finally started the creation of the unique hybrid "GuiZouk"  instrument.

The highly-complex instrument construction,  will start taking shape soon after the luthier has completed the transferring of all design information into his final "Master Design"

The  instrument's decoration  but also the main elements of its construction will follow the Golden Ratio Algorithm. The luthier will pay extra attention during the calculation of all the parameters and elements incorporated into this construction.

Konstantin sent me today a photo illustrating the beginning of  rosette's unique elaborated design, and a photo from a very old mulberry wood which will be used for the body.

A very old Greek mulberry wood which will be used for the body of GuiZouk

Stay tuned!  


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