The one piece walnut baglamas

Small and loud!

My cyber bouzouki friend Veroníki Issari Panouryia  (who is also a great enthusiast of the old Rebetiko era), sent me few weeks ago  photographs from the creation and completion of her latest baglama. Created by the hands of the talented luthier and friend Manos Tourpalis.

Manos Tourpalis is a talented  "undergod" luthier who has piqued my attention and interest,  by his beautiful bouzouki and guitar creations, his unparalleled passion in traditional Greek lutherie, and his restless motivation to explore and discover all the technical laws governing the science of instrument-making, by constructing also musical instruments which do not "fall" under the Greek tradition lutherie umbrella .

Veroniki's baglamas is one piece walnut with carbon fiber rod in the neck, bear claw spruce top, and walnut rosette. The scale is 38cm. 


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