The path to my Rebetiko

Through design! For more than 13 years I followed a personal hobby, leading me to a beautiful, full of surprises journey into the magical world of Rebetiko , by designing unique Greek traditional music instruments! Through this journey, by discovering the innocence and purity of another era, I re-discovered my own self. I want to thank the followers and friends of this blog, for their support and love. They are the ones, who keep me company in this life quest, helping me to explore the beauty of traditional music, but to an extension, re-discover life's meaning, hidden behind the memories of an innocent age which we all carry within us! I also had the honor, and the privilege to meet extremely talented master luthiers who gave all of their attention, "meraki", knowledge, and skills bringing into life small masterpieces ! I thank them by posting a small video tribute with their amazing creations Giannis Tsoulogiannis, Konstantin Tsopelas, Andreas Dellios Instruments Maker, Tasos Theodorakis Xilofonia, Christos  Tsolis 


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