GuiZouk: The old dark walnut pick-guard

The reason for an unexpected delay!

After months of an intense research , the luthier, Konstantin Tsopelas, was able to finally locate an old dark walnut which will be used for the pick-guard creation.

In the original design, Indian Rosewood was chosen for the pick-guard and soundboard's  decorative elements.

But due to the  fact that the India Rosewood also has been recently included under the  CITES  (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) protection and restrictions, the decision was made to substitute the rosewood plywood with a dark/ claro walnut plywood.

The time consuming research finding an old, dark color-walnut took valuable time from the construction progress and the creation of the pick-guard decoration.

Finally the luthier,   Konstantin Tsopelas, once again is now ready to continue the creation of  this unique Kitharo-bouzouko (Erivan), in full speed

Stay tuned! 

Dark-color, claro, West walnut 


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