Happy New Year !

And a cold front !

The “Memories” would like to wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!
Due to the holiday vacations,  not much progress on the construction of the kitharo-bouzouko ( Erivan) has been accomplished.

We will be back shortly, with a new post on “GiouZouk” instrument construction  !

Due to the winter’s  cold front,  be sure to increase the  relative humidity levels of your storage room at higher values,  since the use of central heat will dry the environment where your musical string instrument is stored.
You may experience a more dull sound produced by your musical instrument these days and a small decrease on the values of your tuning before and after storage. 

Normal or higher levels of relative humidity often give a more crisp, vibrant, and mellow sound on your musical instrument . By the fact that, with higher levels of relative humidity the neck of your bouzouki neck tends to expand  , where with lower levels of relative humidity your bouzouki neck tends to shrink, you will notice small fluctuations on your musical instrument tuning ( tone), before and after storage.

For the above reasons, is more wised to keep the levels of your environment's relative humidity higher these days since your central heat is working overtime. 

In the meantime , stay warm and keep jamming !


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