Bouzouki personality

The storyteller!

The storyteller: created with 3D software by SDimis

Depending sometimes on the decoration or other characteristics, the bouzouki derives from its owner a diminutive name.
The owner and sometimes the luthier becomes the "Godfather", who gives a characteristic nickname, revealing that the relationship between musician and instrument, is much more personal.
All these years I met many musicians, who held more than one musical instrument in their possession, and they named each one separately with their own unique nicknames.
For the musician, the instrument stops being just a tool to express his feelings and inspirations. It acquires its own unique personality, becomes the friend, the companion, the storyteller.
And through this blog, The bouzouki tells its own story!

I hope all of us who have the sensitivity to the traditional music of any country, step by step to become a big beautiful company that we can exchange views and experiences , communicate and learn from each other, share the stories behind our instruments.


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