The coexistance

And a four course bouzouki from 1878?

Headstock from my 4 course bouzouki: Created by G. Tsoulogiannis

After a short absence from my blog, due to work responsibilities, I am back with a new post!

Researching a little further, regarding the origin and the date, that the first four course bouzouki constructed, I found some more information :

Old rebetes in their biographies, indicate the coexistence between the three-course and four-course bouzoukia, even before mid 1930s-1940s. Some of them, speak for the existence of a 7 string bouzouki with three strings in Mourgana (RE), or an 8 string bouzouki with 3 strings in Mourgana (RE), 3 strings in the middle ( LA), and 2 strings at kantinia(RE).

In his autobiography the famous composer Zambetas, states that ochtachorda (four course) bouzoukia, existed even before Manolis Xiotis, established in the early 1950s, the new tetrachordo bouzouki as we know it today.

From a valid source, I obtain the information regarding the existence of a four course bouzouki, dated from 1878, made by the hands of a famous Greek luthier!


  1. Φίλε μου memories καλό χειμώνα! Τώρα που επέστρεψα θα τα λέμε πιο συχνά, να είσαι καλά!

  2. Φίλε μου luthierschool ,καλο χειμωνα! Με υγεια, πανω απο ολα!


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