A/I Stathopoulos fret markers

 Guessing an old tuning!

The luthier has finally completed the test of creating sample walnut bowls, in an attempt to evaluate the symmetry of his new A/I Stathopoulos mold.

The following weeks he will start the construction of the final body using very old woods of Curly Maple and Indian Rosewood.

To separate the staves, Giannis will use marquetry purflings (wooden fillets), following the design found on some of Ioannis Stathopoulos first bouzoukia.

The binding design around the soundboard will also be a combination of marquetry fillets, wooden strips, and tortoise inlay.

The wooden rosette covering the sound-hole will be made with a relief (anaglyph) carving effect, inspired by old Mourtzino's bouzoukia

The sound board will be protected with tortoise pick-guard and decorated by a natural shell butterfly design.

The tortoise pick-guard will be placed on top of the sound board (a common technique used by the old bouzouki luthiers) and not flushed to the soundboard as the current bouzoukia have.

The fret markers will be placed at the positions: 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 17, hopping that one day, we will finaly discover the tuning of these old instruments.
After examining for one more time the position of the fret markers, I am still flirting with the idea some of A.Stathopoulos bouzoukia, constructed and tuned as Do-Sol-Do.

Luthie's first walnut bowl sample


Do- Sol-Do: A possible tuning of A. Stathopoulos bouzoukia


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