The Temptation

And the Greco tzouras!

Looking back the posts of last August, I noticed how many times I changed my mind of what should have been my next bouzouki project.

At the beginning I had decided to create a custom pattern Kitharo-bouzouko with a semi flat back, and staves simialr to the Baroque / Renaissance guitars.

Next in line was a baroque style Mesobouzouko with a very unique design of the bowl, sound-hole, decoration and shape of the headstock.

Later, I decided to create a museum quality Laoutobouzouko from 1880s after receiving historical evidences of hybrid bouzoukia during that era.
An instrument which would have generated a lot of speculation and discussion regarding its tuning, the number of strings, its unique bowl decoration, the headstock design, and its movable frets.

At the end, I decided to revive a 1910s Stathopoulos style bouzouki with exact specifications of A. Stathopoulos bouzouki instruments , and decoration elements inspired by I. Stathopoulos masterpieces.

And as I was finally contented that the Politiko and the A/I Stathopoulos bouzoukia would be the last instruments I will ever possess , new design ideas came in my mind to disturb my peace.

Looking a spiral decoration, I thought to give a try and create a unique Creek rosette design made by wood and natural sea shell.

The one rosette brought the design of another, placed on a tear shape bowl, decorated with the personal pattern of uneven thickness binding strips, and before I realize it , I had designed a new Creco tzoura.

I looked at it for a moment and I thought,
- Hmm... maybe this should be my next instrument !

I finally understood and accept that, my mind will never stop creating ideas even after the completion of my latest instrument , even after writing the last chapter of this blog!

And as my designs will progress to a more mature period of inspiration, the temptation to return to this blog for the creation of another instrument , will always be present!

Spiral design inspired by ancient Greek decoratives.Created by S.Dimis (c)2013
Design of a custom rosette.Created by S.Dimis (c)2013
Design of a custom uneven binding.Created by S.Dimis (c)2013 
 Greco tzouras.Created by S.Dimis (c)2013 
  Greco tzouras.Created by S.Dimis (c)2013 


  1. Μπράβο ρε Σπύρο,είσαιπολύ μερακλής!!!

  2. Να σαι καλα μαστορα ...χαθηκαμε!
    Παρακολουθω το ιστολογιο σου και περιμενω την αποπερατωση του ομορφου μπαγλαμα σου!

  3. Σπύρο βάζεις φωτιές φίλε και ποιός θα τις σβήσει??
    Είσαι φοβερός !!!!!! Είσαι μοναδικός !!!!!! Μακάρι να είχα το 1/100 της φαντασίας σου.

  4. Βαγγελη μου εσυ,με τα ταλαντουχα χερια σου μπορεις να σβησεις πολλες φωτιες!


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