Stathopoulos' heart

And the completion of bouzouki's construction.

The luthier, Giannis Tsoulogiannis, has finally finished the construction of the A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki.
I am very happy and pleased with  luthier's exceptional craftsmanship  !

The last  two weeks  Giannis  designed and formed the instrument's head-stock, similar to A. Stathopoulos bouzoukia of the 1900s era.

At the top of the head-stock, the luthier formed a heart shape opening.
One  of A. Stathopoulos most favorite themes, the heart, frequently used by the luthier on his instruments  head-stock and sound-hole.

Back in the days, small openings on the top of the head stock, as this one, had also a functional purpose.

Bouzouki players usually  stored their musical instruments by  hanging them on the wall, and passing through the head stock opening a small diameter rope , or cord.
Others, using the opening as a decorative, were hanging worry-beats ( kompoloi), around bouzouki's head-stock.

The next weeks the luthier will finalize the butterfly pick-guard  decoration and the sound hole wooden rosette , as he is waiting the last parts of the instrument, to arrive from Australia and United States.


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