Padouk Miso-bouzouko

When the exotic woods met the Rebetko!

Today, I received an email from Veroníki 'Issaria cyber bouzouki friend, who is also a great enthusiast of the pre-war  style trichordo, and the old Rebetiko era.

In her email, Veroníki  sent me photographs from the creation and completion of her latest miso-bouzouko-65 cm scale- (hybrid tear shape trichordo) created by the hands of the talented luthier Dimitri Rapakousio.

As I have written on the page under trichordo luthiers, Dimitris Rapakousios possesses  unique aesthetics, and a beautiful, characteristic old style sound. Inspired by the old Rebetiko era, the luthier is using only the best, beautiful, and hard to find old woods, creating instruments  with exceptional aesthetics, and distinctive identity.

For the creation of Veroniki's miso-bouzouko bowl, the luthier used  exotic wood of  reddish-brown shade padouk.

Its shape is a hybrid form between pre-war long tear shape bouzouki bowl, and laoutobouzouko shape. Similar to my Politiko bouzouki bowl, but a little wider.
Maple wooden fillets  separate the perfectly cut staves. The capping strip(kollatza) is made also by padouk with an old style contour line.

The neck is made from flamouri, has two padouk strips as reinforcement, and carbon on the inside for internal strengthening.

For the top, the luthier used AAA Master quality spruce, and marquetry wooden fillets for the binding, and the design around the sound hole.

The fret-board (without fret-markers) is been made by ebony, and it ends in a "mihrab" shape, similar to the one found on vintage ouds.

The decorate routes on the beautiful, oriental-style shape padouk headstock , and  the ebony tailpiece are 3D and made out of maple. The exceptional amber colored tuners are made by Grover. The tailpiece is completely made out of ebony

 The bridge is ebony and the pick-guard made by panduk wood.

A very well balanced trichordo bouzouki ! Congratulation!

My friend Veroniki is left handed, as also left handed is the luthier Dimitris Rapakousios.
She sent me a sound sample from her miso-bouzouko, played by its luthier and accompanied by bouzouki player Mitsara.
The miso-bouzouko produces a beautiful old trichordo sound,  with husky timbre.


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