The Do-Sol-Do (C-G-C) tuning

Gives a husky and sweet timbre!

As the "Memories of the innocent age"  are preparing to welcome an important master luthier with a very interesting article, I found the opportunity to post a small video from all the states of  my A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki construction, accompanied by its sound (played with feather quill).

A/I Stathopoulos Re-La-Re played with feather quill

These days I tuned my bouzouki in Do-Sol-Do (C-G-C), which could have been one of the many bouzouki tuning set-up during the prewar period. (The position of the original Stathopoulos  fret-markers indicates such a tuning)

Other prewar period tuning could have been D-G-D,  D-A-D,  D-G-G,  D-G-A,  D-G-B,  D-G-A,  E-A-D

I received a professional nylon oud plectrum and I recorded a short sound sample.The tuning Do-Sol-Do, gives a more husky and exceptionally sweet timbre!
I also noticed that the musical instrument's bowl and soundboard under this tuning, synchronized and oscillates even more (than the Re-La-Re tuning) producing a loud, deep beat on my stomach while I keep and play with it.

A/I Stathopoulos Do-Sol-Do played with oud plectrum


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