A legend is born

An elaborated oriental style, trichordo!

Andreas Dellios after 3  months of intense, inspirational work, finalized today his Politiko Version II bouzouki construction.

The photos speak for themselves revealing luthier's detailed and clean work, the highest quality of materials he used, and the unparalleled passion he showcased, creating finally a beautiful and well balanced musical instrument 

As I had mentioned on an earlier post this second version of the Political bouzouki passes from the Doric simplistic and powerful sharp lines, which the first version was carrying, to a more romantic, elaborated style with traces of  Art Deco decoration.

I am waiting with great anticipation the video recording by the luthier, to evaluate its sound timbre and to compare its sound quality with the Politiko bouzouki made by the talented hands of Tasos Theodorakis.


  1. What a little beauty! That's a really interesting peg box design, as well.

  2. Yes Chris ,

    The peg is carefully carved by luthier, ending in a flower shape
    The instrument carries a flower motif , with center piece the pick-guard decoration the free spirit of 'Psyxi" = Soul , my butterfly as I use to call it!


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