As the French polishing cures

Gkel, gkel, Kaixi!

As the old and time consuming technique of French polishing ( Shellac-gomolaka me mpala) is in its final process , and before the necessary adjustments on the musical instrument by the luthier , I though to share with all of you some of the prototype designs and notes made for the Politiko V2.

Andreas Dellios, followed down to a T, all of the concept designs. 

The luthier. by adding where was needed,  his constructive input and suggestions, he created a beautiful and unique three course bouzouki , stamped with his excellent talent and craftsmanship. 

The Politiko bouzouki V2 theme, is an hymn to the free soul/spirit ( psyhi)... "The butterfly" as I use to call it 

The butterfly represent  all the transformations which the humankind passes though life to reach the perfection , and the freedom in spirit which we all carry inside us!

The Politiko bouzouki V2, carries the early Eastern aroma of Poli ( Konstantinoupoli- Istanbul ).

As another Guzel Hanoum, ( from the beautiful and famous Apostolos Xatzixristos song " Kaixis")  , the figure on the pick-guard waits for her final escape!
(Kaixis is a rebetiko song referring to the myths of Ottoman Constantinople)

For this reason the Gkel, gkel, kaixi, will be the selected song which the Politiko bouzouki V2 will play for its first time.

Stay tuned 


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