Maturity of the Politiko V2 sound

Durability over time !

Six months have passed from the day the luthier ,Andreas  Dellios,  finalized the construction of the beautiful Politiko bouzouki V2.

The instrument's woods have recently reached their final set-position and its sound has reached a great maturity, giving a much deeper and husky / oriental timbre.

The action has remained at exact initial levels and it's play-ability continues to be as  soft and easy as the first day.

Andreas Dellios with this bouzouki instrument, has proven that he is not only a very talented luthier ,with great skills in construction , aesthetics , and sound quality . His musical instrument holds solid values of strength and durability through multiple fluctuations of humidity and temperature levels occurred during the last 6 months 

And since followers of this blog asked for a sound update of the Politiko V2, I am posting a quick new sample 


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