Just before the "αρματωμα" (before passing the strings)

And the beautiful, vibrant, yellow-color, mulberry woods!

The luthier Kostas Zarkadas, started using the difficult and time consuming technique of "Gomolaka with mpala" (Shellac application with muneca or "French polishing" ), on the soundboard of his Elite tampourobouzouko.

As I have written on an earlier post, " the primary reason for using this kind of finish, is because, the shellac once been applied, dries almost instantly, and when several layers have been applied, is extra lightweight with a beautiful lustre, that allowed all the natural timbre and overtones of the sound woods to vibrate freely, and the rich fullness of sound to be set free.

The following photo showcases the beautiful vibrant yellow-color of the mulberry woods after the application of French shellac's  final layer.

At the end the luthier applied on the instrument's body a polyurethane varnish with 2 ingredients ; The well known ER-LAC

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