The three rosettes

And the bracing of the soundboard !

The luthier Kostas Zarkadas sent me today photographs from the construction process of his Elite Tampourobouzouko.

The luthier, after placing the three wooden rosettes on the soundboard he started constructing the soundboard braces 

The braces with the top can then be tuned, by the experienced hands and ear of the luthier.

At the end, Kostas started to form the binding and decorative fillets around the soundboard 

Stay tuned as the luthier continues this ambitious attempt of creating an Elite Tambourobouzouko.


  1. Χρυσοχερης ο Ζαρκαδας, χρυσοχερης κ εκεινος που το εμπνευστηκε ;)

    1. Χαθηκες φιλε μου
      ελπιζω ολα να ειναι καλα εκει στο νησι


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