Guitar's time to shine

And the tuxedo guitar!

Motivated by questions (from good friends and followers of the blog), regarding the lack of guitar's  personal designs publiced in this blog , I created this post

Yes, it is true,  usually my inspiration consumes around the bowl back Greek traditional instruments.
But during the memories journey,  were times  when I had been greatly  inspired by the guitar shape , sound, and most importantly by the essential role of the guitar in a Rebetiko orchestra.
The interview with the talented musician Dimitri Mystakidi, was a catalyst towards this direction.

Six years ago, I have written a post regarding my perspective view on the Rebetiko guitar aesthetic role

"The rebetiko Guitar:
Always the second voice, always expected to be the proper one , without many ornaments and garlands, so as to not draw attention away from the protagonist, the bouzouki.

Designing my rebetiko guitars, I borrowed decoration elements from bouzouki, tampoura and laouto.

My rebetiko guitars, can now stare straight forward into the eyes, their competitor- the bouzouki."

Six years later my inspiration on the guitar shape and decoration, arises mostly from daily themes and different eras

I always try to give a very unique overall shape to the musical instruments I design, which will carry my personal signature

When I design a specific musical instrument , I avoid to look around the internet, constructions of the same instrument made by other luthiers. I am trying this way to keep my creativity clean from influences, getting inspiration from completely irreverent themes and objects

For example, the following guitar was designed and decorated having in my mind the theme of a tuxedo.This is the reason I named it " the tuxedo guitar"  
In two versions with and without a tailpiece. Carries 5 sound-holes. Decoration made by rosewood plywood, mother of pearl, and blue abalone.

Tuxedo Guitar All rights reserved SDimis (c) 2017

Tuxedo Guitar All rights reserved SDimis (c) 2017

The same shape of guitar inspired by the lutes during baroque era, or the abstract lines of the modern times, can give a completely different vibe as illustrations showcasing lower.

Romantic Guitar All rights reserved SDimis (c) 2017

Modern Guitar All rights reserved SDimis (c) 2017

Playing with decorative elements and materials from "The Art Book"  library, can customize even further the final composition.

The 5 sound-holes guitarobouzouko. All rights reserved SDimis (C) 2017


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