This was the authentic sound of the 1936

Melodies on the old tuning Mi-Si-Mi!

A demanding, risky, and time consuming conversion of a vintage mandolin (dating back from the late 19th to beginning of the 20th century), to mandolobouzouko/misobouzouko, finally reached its successful completion.

The luthier, Giannis Tsoulogiannis kept all original parts of the old mandolin, both wooden blocks inside the bowl, the original head-stock, tuning machines, the original neck by adding an extension, and of course the original soundboard, braces, tailpiece and bowl.

Since up to today, only few people have heard the original sound of such a conversion , the attempt to convert a vintage mandolin to miso-bouzouko, deserves great importance in the  historical research of the bouzouki ancestors' sound.
Enjoy the talented musician Giorgos Kokkoris playing an improvisation in Mi-Si-Mi tuning( the old tuning of the tzouras) and magically revising the time back to 1936 !

And here a sound sample with Re-La-Re tuning
Once again from the hands of the talented Giorgos Kokkoris 


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