Argos 1894

And the two violinists!

The time machine takes us back to the 1894 in one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world:  Argos Greece.
In a local kafeneio ( Cafeteria) a beautiful afternoon, a photographer, inspired by the talent of two violinists, captures the moment. A  father and a son posing to the photographer's lense as they are playing a folk song .

Their names: Dimitrios and Giorgios D. Grachis , the later well known master luthiers of Chicago USA Grachis family!  

One photograph, thousand words.
The destiny will have big plans for these two carefree musicians 10-15 years later and 5000 miles away into a different Continent !

From Right to left : Dimitrios and Giorgios Grachis-
Property of Mrs Mary Grachis Metropoulos. All rights reserved


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