Nothing less then perfect

Construction progress in full speed!

As the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis had finished the creation of the pick-guard design and the sound-hole, I noticed a small offset on some of the pick-guards' flower elements.

The luthier, in an attempt to fit the pick-guard decoration to the bowl's dimensions and the sound-hole's circumference , offset few centimeters two of the pick-guard's decorative elements.

But since the main purpose of such a unique attempt  was to create a musical instrument with decoration following the exact laws of the Golden Ratio logarithm, the luthier without hesitation re-cut the complete pick-guard, generating a perfect copy of my original design.

After this obstacle was overcome, the luthier worked full speed completing most of the remaining musical instrument's construction parts        

Former pick-guard design with flower elements slightly offset from the Golden Ration

The new soundboard decoration (at the left) next to the older one (at the right) 

The luthier has cut, fitted, and glued the pick-guard decoration into the soundboard 

The luhier has finished the installation of the fillets around the soundboard and the capping strip

Details of the sound-board decoration after the luthier has scrapped and leveled the surface

The luthier has connected the neck with the bowl

Finished soundboard with the "martin" connection of the neck

Luthier has scrapped and cleaned the pick-guard decoration and the capping strip fillets

Luthier has shaped the ebony wood fret-board on the neck 


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