B-PLAYER with new designs !

Be aware to order only from our official AMAZON Store!

The New Year brought some great news !

Now B-PLAYER has its own virtual place on the AMAZON PRIME STORE, the largest Internet-based retailer in the world!

A great variety of our unique designs in different color and sizes, is already available

PS: Some of the designs bellow are part of my personal private Artwork collection, and  not  part of the commercial use

Personal ArtWork "The Master Luthier" 

 Personal ArtWork "Rebetiko Peiraiotiko"-Tambourobouzouko !

Personal ArtWork "Bouzouki and Whiskey"

 Coming Soon "Traditional Lutherie"

Coming Soon "Rebetiko Revival-The eagle"

Please visit our authorized store at :


Copy-Cat incidences
Due to the success of our unique bouzouki designs, we lately noticed a substantial rise of online T-shirt websites claiming that they are also carrying our designs.

Please be aware to purchase only from our stores and their links provided in this blog, as the Copy-Cat online stores using digital tools , are trying to extract our unique designs from a low resolution image.
Since the extraction of our designs occurs on a low resolution image,  the high quality, details, crispiness, and colors of our design will be lost.

For your protection we are listing here few of the Copy-Cat online stores. Be aware!

- Your Tees Pro

- 8 Clothings

- Shirt Of You

- Circle Store

- Thorshirts

- DragonTees

- Foxinize

- Saharatee

- Teesoki

Please email us at spyrosdimis@yahoo.com , for any questions you may have


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