The old mandolino-bouzouko

The mythical lady reveals her beauty ! 

This weekend,  I finally had the opportunity to "steal" some time and photograph the oldest, and smallest instrument of the bouzouki family.

The mythical lady on the boat, revealed through the photograph lenses,  the beauty of this  mandolino-bouzouko, a unique conversion of a very old Neapolitan mandolin into a small bouzouki instrument.

The 100+ years which have passed  from  the instument’s initial creation time   , have left their positive imprint on the rosewood bowl , by thining the rosewood ribs and producing  a very mellow and sweet sound quality.

The small imperfections on the soundboard,  the ribs , the capping strip,  and the headstock only add beauty to the overall aesthetics and the timeless story of this instrument.

The next weeks I will record and post a quick sound sample , with my evaluation on the mandolino-bouzouko ‘s quality of sound and timbre
Stay tuned!


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