Luthier's passion and drive

At the "speed of  light"!

The talented luthier  Stelios Tsilimigkas, ( inspired and  driven by the construction of this unique pre-war bouzouki, finalized in just two weeks of hard work, the formation of the back and side capping strips,the construction of the neck (using a very old mahogany wood and  of wenge wood lamination), the connection of the neck to the bowl, the formation of  the back /tail-piece wood block, and the installation of the kerfing.

And as if  all of this construction progress was not enough the luthier also scraped, sanded, and cleaned the bowl, reinforced the staves by placing thin strips of lining placement, created the sound-hole's circular marquetry, and cut the ebony rosette. 

Stay tuned as this unique pre-war bouzouki starts taking the "speed of light" :)


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