Carbon fiber in Lutherie

How far technological achievements can take us?

As I am reading posts, regarding durability and acoustics of instruments created totally by carbon fiber, I feel more and more the passion to remain faithful to the old traditional technique of lutherie, and the great anticipation to receive my 1920s-style bouzouki.

I agree that, information and techniques from technological achievements, should always be used in upgrading the design, durability and acoustics of an instrument.The art of instrument making, like any other art, is alive and needs to progress through time.That is why in bouzouki construction, some luthiers are using the aluminum rod or the carbon fiber mesh in the neck, to succeed durability under difficult climates and high values of heat or humidity.

But the question is, in the name of the technological achievements how much will the bouzouki construction change as we know it today?

For me, a musical instrument is more than a tool, to produce sound and music notes. It is a companion, which grows together with the player, is getting older, sensitive, takes characteristics of its owner's style and technique. It is an alive relationship between musician and instrument, which requires his attention, his care, and responsibility.

I do not want, after 20-30 years, my instrument to sound and look exactly the same way as the first day I bought it. As the years will go by, a story will be carved upon its body, and each mark from time, will remind me the interactive relationship, and passion I had all these years with my bouzouki.
Following a documentary from discovery channel regarding the creation of Carbon fiber Cello.
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And here is a sample of music with a bouzouki created by the famous A.Stathopoulo in NY, somewhere in 1910-1920.

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  1. Φίλε μου συμφωνώ απόλυτα με την σκέψη σου,να δεχόμαστε καινούριες τεχνικές για περισσότερη αντοχή στα δομικά μέρη του μπουζουκιού αλλά αυτό να μην αλλοιώνει τον παραδοσιακό χαρακτήρα και μορφή του μπουζουκιού,η παράδοση είναι σοφή!!! Καλή συνέχεια εύχομαι!!!


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